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Unit 7: Holidays and traditions. Talks

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Урок 7: «Праздники и традиции. Переговоры».

Task 1

Give a talk on holidays and celebrations.
Remember to discuss:
• what occasions people usually celebrate, why
• whether you enjoy holidays and why
• what is your favourite holiday, why
• what Russian holiday makes you especially proud of why

People all over the world celebrate different holidays such as New Year’-s Day, Christmas or Easter because these celebrations are a part of their culture and people try to preserve these traditions. Besides, they usually celebrated holidays connected with the history of their country, for example Thanksgiving Day in the USA or Guy Fawkes’ Night in Great Britain. Apart from this, some people celebrate such special occasions as graduation, getting a job or retirement because these are memorable events in their life. And of course most people celebrate such family events as birthdays or weddings because they want to please their relatives and to keep up family traditions.

Personally, I enjoy celebrating holidays. For me, a holiday is not just a day off but a special occasion and I usually prepare for it beforehand. First of all, I think that holidays are an important way to keep up our traditions. Besides, it’s a good chance to bring the family together and to meet all your friends and relatives. What is more, I like this perfect atmosphere behind celebrations when my Mum cooks a festive dinner and people give and receive presents.

My favourite holiday is of course New Year because I always get a lot of presents. Besides, I like the atmosphere of this holiday as there is a great air of expectation. Traditionally, on the thirty-first of December we decorate a fir-tree and put presents under it. I also enjoy the family meal, which is a central part of our celebration. When the Kremlin clock strikes twelve, we wish each о the r1 Happy New Year’ and then we go for a walk and let off fireworks. It’s a great time of the year.

The holiday that makes me especially proud is Victory Day. It commemorates the victory of our country in World War II. On this day we usually put flowers at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and honour the memory of my grandfather who died in this war. I am especially impressed by the ceremony when people all over the country keep silence for a minute in honour of those who died to defend our Motherland. I think it’s one of the most important traditions in our country and we must keep it up to remind our children of the terrible consequences of wars.

1. What holidays are celebrated in Russia?
2. Do you celebrate traditional Russian holidays? Why?
3. What is the most popular holiday in Russia?
4. What professional holidays in Russia do you know?
5. Would you prefer to celebrate holidays with your friends or with your relatives? Why?
6. Which foreign holidays would you like to celebrate? Why?

Task 2

Give a talk on traditions.
Remember to discuss:
• why it is important to keep up different traditions
• whether old traditions have survived in Russia
• what traditions are kept in your family, why
• what traditions make you especially proud of your country, why

What is a tradition? I think traditions are a way of defining who people are, that’s why it is very important that traditions do survive in the country. Take Great Britain, for instance. It is a unique country because it has a link with quite ancient traditions. Traditional uniforms are still preserved in Great Britain. There are also a lot of traditional ceremonies such as the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, Trooping
the Colour, which is performed on the Queen’s official birthday, or the Ceremony of the Keys, that takes place every night at the Tower of London. Besides, traditions are an essential part of our culture because they join different generations together and pass down different beliefs, practices and customs from the past to the present.

Russia is a country of great culture and lots of old traditions have survived up to the present day. For example, Russian people traditionally mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring by burning straw scarecrows of winter on bonfires and eating pancakes with honey, caviar or sour-cream. This longstanding tradition is still alive in many places in Russia. However, there are a lot of traditional holidays that are almost forgotten nowadays. One of them is Ivan Cupala’s Night. This spring festival dates back to pagan times in Russia and is associated with the sun, water and fire. People jumped over tall bonfires, which were the common symbols of the festival. They also bathed in rivers and collected herbs, which held magic powers and protected against different diseases. It’s a pity that this knowledge is lost now.

There are a lot of traditions in my family, for example celebrating birthdays, holidays, and traditional wedding ceremonies. They help to keep the family together and they make our life more interesting. The family meal is another tradition that we try to keep up in our family. In my opinion, family meals reflect the country’s culture and traditions. Besides, it’s a good chance for parents and children to talk. We usually gather together in the evening and tell each other what has happened during the day. And I always feel the love and support of my family. I think it’s very important.

There are some Russian traditions that make me especially proud because they are unique and make us feel a little bit different from other nationalities. For example, a guest in Russia is always welcomed with the symbol of life-giving food bread and salt. Another tradition that makes me feel proud is Russian wedding ceremony, which is quite different from what people are used to in different countries. For example, only in Russia the groom has to pay a ransom so as to get the bride. Everything is played out as a joke and both sides are mostly competing in the sense of humour.

1. What traditions are common for all countries?
2. Do your friends follow old Russian traditions? Why?
3. What everyday Russian traditions do you know?
4. Have you got any traditions in your school?
5. Would you like to have more traditions in your life? Why?

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