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Unit 7: Holidays and traditions. Dialogues

Английский язык: Экспресс-репетитор для подготовки к ЕГЭ, «Говорение».
Урок 7: «Праздники и традиции. Диалоги».

Task 1

You and your friend are going to stay in Moscow for a week on holidays. You are discussing several accommodation possibilities. You have to decide on one of them:
• staying with your relatives     • renting a room
• staying at a hotel                      • staying at a camp

’So next week we are going to Moscow, aren’t we? Have you decided where to stay yet?’

’Not yet but we have lots of possibilities. For example, we can stay with my relatives. They are very friendly people and they know Moscow very well. So they could recommend us the most interesting places to visit. Besides, we won’t have to pay for our accommodation. What do you think of it?’

’Not a bad idea! But I won’t feel very comfortable if we stay with your relatives. They are strangers to me and I won’t feel at home. In addition, we won’t be on our own in the evening and at the weekend. Just imagine that we’ll have to talk to them all the time and to do what they want us to. It’s awful! I’d rather stay at a hotel. The hotels in Moscow are very comfortable.’

’But they are very expensive! And we could spend this money on entertainment. Besides, it’s very difficult to book a hotel accommodation in Moscow in summer. The hotels are usually full.’

’Well, you are right. Perhaps, it will be possible to find a cheap hotel which is not very popular. You see, in the hotel you are absolutely free to do whatever you feel like doing, for example, to go to a fitness club or to a disco.’

‘I don’t think it will be possible. Besides, if it’s a cheap hotel, it may have leaking taps and a TV set usually doesn’t work. We’d better rent a room. It will be cheaper than staying at a hotel and it feels more like home. We could rent a room close to the centre or at least to a metro station.’

’I can’t agree with you. First of all, if a room is in the centre or near a metro station, it will be also very expensive. In addition, if you rent a room, you will have to share a kitchen and other amenities with several families. I hate that! More than that, renting a room can be dangerous. You never know who your hosts are!’

‘I agree with you, because it’s difficult to find a good room in Moscow. What about staying at a youth camp near the city? I have found some good camps on the Internet. We can book accommodation there in advance. I think it will be the cheapest way to relax.’

’I’m not quite sure, because it will take us a long time to get to the centre of Moscow and trains could be overcrowded.’

’Nothing of the kind! Such camps usually provide their guests with special buses, so we’ll easily get to the nearest metro station. Besides, there are lots of interesting activities in the camp: we can play volleyball and other sports games, go to the swimming pool or to a disco and have fun in the evening.’

’Great! We’ll be able to make a lot of new friends and we’ll do whatever we like to,. As to your relatives, we can phone them and even pay them a visit.’

’Yes, this is the best solution for us! I am going to book our accommodation right now.’

Task 2

You and your friend are thinking of how you could spend New Year. Discuss the following options and choose the one you both like most of all:
• with your parents at home    • go for a walk
• at your friend’s house           • go to the disco party

’Hi! Have you decided how to celebrate our favourite holiday?’
’You mean New Year’s Day, don’t you? Well, I think I’ll stay with my parents as usual. First of all, New Year is a family holiday. Traditionally, on the thirty-first of December we decorate a fir-tree and put presents under it. The family meal is a central part of our celebration. When the Kremlin clock strikes twelve, we wish each other ’Happy New Year’ and give each other presents. I usually get lots of presents from my relatives so I’m looking forward to this day. It’s a great time of the year! You can come and celebrate with us if you like.’

’Well, thank you, but I think it’s rather boring to celebrate this holiday with parents. There’s not much to do except watching TV and talking. Besides, your parents usually go to bed rather early and won’t allow us to stay up all night. Why don’t we have something different this year?’

’Perhaps you are right. But what do you suggest?’

’Some of my friends are having a New Year party at home. Why not join them? We are of the same age and have common views on many things so you can make a lot of new friends. I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun playing games and dancing.’

’And I’m not quite sure of it. Your friends may not like me and I won’t feel at home. And some of the guests can be unpleasant to me either, especially if they drink a lot. Finally, we’ll have to do lots of washing up and clean the room in the morning and I don’t feel like doing it on holiday.’

’Well, I can agree with you. What about going for a walk with our classmates? I know they are going to celebrate New Year in Red Square. It’s rather exotic! We’ll watch fireworks and listen to the concert. And then we can play snowballs and have a lot of fun!’

’You are crazy! It’s freezing and it’s going to be rather cold at night. And I’m afraid we’ll get hungry.’
’If we are hungry, we can go to a cafe and have a snack.’

’I’m sure all cafes will be frill that night. But if you want to go out, we can buy tickets to a disco party.’
’A disco party? Great idea! There will be lots of young people and we can make new friends. Besides, I’m fond of dancing.’

’So am I! And I think there will be a special concert programme, too. So we will have a lot of fun. Besides, we won’t have to care about food. Everything is included into the price.’

’And we won’t have to wash dishes and to clean the room after the party! Wonderful! Let’s choose a disco party. I’ll go and buy tickets right now.’

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