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Unit 6: Family and family relation. Talks

Английский язык: Экспресс-репетитор для подготовки к ЕГЭ, «Говорение».
Урок 6: «Семья и семейные отношения. Переговоры».

Task 1

Give a talk on family and family values.
Remember to discuss:
• what family values are most important for a happy family, why
• whether it is important to have a good family, why
• your family members and your relationship what household duties children should have, why

A family is an essential part of our society and I think everyone wants to have a happy family. Firstly, I believe that a happy family should have things sharing together like dreams and hopes, not only possessions. I think it’s great. Secondly a happy family is a place where respect dwells, a place where all members can enjoy the dignity of their own personalities. But in my opinion, love and trust are more important for a happy family than any other values, because without love happiness is impossible. If you love each other, then all obstacles will be overcome, and all gentle words will be found, and this cruel world will turn to you with a kind smile.

I think that having a good family is very important in our life because it is like a friendly port for us when the waves of life become too wild. We need a family for comfort and protection. For example, when I have some problems, my family always take my word against anybody else’s. And I’m sure I can always rely on their help. Besides, I think that it’s lovely to have the family round you and to know they are interested in you. You will never feel lonely.

There are four of us in my family: my parents, my brother and me. My father is a managing director. He is very clever and I respect him very much. Unfortunately, he is always very busy and has little time to spend with his family. My mother is a very friendly and likeable person but sometimes she can be quite critical of people. My brother is a student. We don’t have any secrets from each other and we get on very well. We are both fond of sports and often spend our free time playing sports games. My grandparents are retired and live in their country house. They are fond of gardening and I often visit them and help my Granny about the garden so I’ve got nice relationship with my grandparents.

I believe that children should be given as much responsibility about the house as possible. I don’t think that parents should do everything for them especially if they can do certain things by themselves. It’s very good for a child to learn to be able to take care of himself and his possessions from the very early age. Besides, I’m sure that everybody in the family should do their fair share, including children. They can do such household chores as cleaning, taking out rubbish, watering the flowers and everyday shopping.

My brother and I try to help mу mother to do the chores. I do most of the washing up, tidy my room and make my bed. I often go shopping. My brother is responsible for cleaning and repairing things and he sometimes cooks. In a loving family every person ought to do the chores. That is the way I see it.

1. Do you live in a nuclear or in a extended family?
2. Would you like to live with your grandparents? Why?
3. Who is the top dog in your family? Why?
4. Who runs the house in your family?
5. Do your parents teach you anything?
6. Do your relatives help you to solve your problems?

Task 2

Give a talk on family relations.
Remember to discuss:
• what family relations can be between the members of the family, why
• whether it is good to be an only child, why
• a generation gap and its reasons
• your relations with your family members

Families come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. At present more and more families are divorced and then their parents remarry. That’s why more children have step-brothers, stepsisters, half-brothers and half-sisters. No wonder that there can be some problems in the family relations. Members of many families suffer from misunderstanding because there is a great difference in their tastes and opinions. Besides, children don’t like it when there is too much control from their parents because they want to solve their problems independently. On the other hand, if the members of the family love each other there can be no or little argument and the family lives happily.

Some families have only one child nowadays and others have two, three or even more children. In my opinion, both kinds of families have some advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, if you are an only child in a family, you don’t have to share your room with anybody else. Besides, your parents give all their love and care only to you. On the other hand, if you have a brother or a sister, you have someone to play with or to talk to, and you’ll never feel bored. What is more, if you get into trouble, you have someone to help you or give some advice. As for me, I’m an only child in my family, but I think that having a brother or a sister is an amazing feeling, because you know that you won’t be lonely in any case and you have someone to share your thoughts and feelings.

There are a lot of problems and conflicts that appear between teenagers and their parents because they don’t understand each other. Generation gap will always exist not only because teenagers and their parents enjoy listening to different kinds of music. A lot of things are different: tastes, manners, behaviour and the stuff like that. Some parents don’t want to understand modern views, ideals and system of values so teens are afraid to tell them about their private life. Another reason for the generation gap, in my opinion, is that parents want their children to be clever and learn harder. They are always nagging when their children do badly at school. They make teens do their homework, though sometimes it is unnecessary. Parents don’t want to understand that there can be more important things than good marks in the school-leaving certificate. I believe it is necessary to bridge the generation gap and the only way to do it is for parents and children to speak frankly to each other and try to come to an agreement.

As for me, although I’m an only child, I don’t feel lonely because my parents always love and take care of me. What is more, we often discuss my problems together. Of course, sometimes I have arguments with my family but despite all our disagreements we always help each other. Everyone in my family is my best friend and I love my family very much.

1. Why are family relations so important for us?
2. How many children would you like to have in the future? Why?
3. Do you have any problems in your family? Why?
4. Do your relatives help you to solve your problems?
5. Do you always follow your parents’ advice? Why?

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