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» » Unit 6: Family and family relation. Dialogues

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Unit 6: Family and family relation. Dialogues

Английский язык: Экспресс-репетитор для подготовки к ЕГЭ, «Говорение».
Урок 6: «Семья и семейные отношения. Диалоги».

Task 1

You and your sister are thinking of what to buy as a present for your mother’s birthday. Discuss the following options and choose the one you both like most of all:
• a vase      • a box of chocolates
• flowers    • a self-made pie

’Do you remember that next Sunday is our Mum’s birthday? What present can we buy for her? Have you decided yet?’

’Well, I’m not quite sure. What about a vase? I saw a very beautiful one in the shop the other day. I think she will be very glad, because she has broken her favourite vase. Besides, she likes practical presents and it can always be useful.’

’I’m afraid you forgot that Dad gave her a very beautiful vase on Women’s Day. We have lots of vases at home. In addition, Mum doesn’t like cut flowers, she prefers them in pots.’

’OK. Let’s buy her a flower then. Mum likes to take care of them so we can buy a flower in a beautiful pot. They are lovely and we can choose the one she will really enjoy.’

’You know, it’s very difficult to find nice flowers at reasonable prices. I’m afraid we don’t have enough money to buy a really beautiful flower. Besides, she has lots of flowers at home and one more won’t make any difference. Why don’t we buy her a box of chocolates? They are not very expensive and they are delicious. And in the evening we’ll have tea with chocolates. I’m sure she’ll like them.’

’I don’t think so. She doesn’t have a sweet tooth. And you are too selfish! To buy a present so as to cat it in the evening? No, it’s quite an ordinary present. We should give her something special, something that she’ll remember for ever.’ ’What do you suggest?’

’I’ve got an idea! Why don’t we bake an apple pie for her! She is fond of home-made pies and this one is her favourite!’

’Bake a pie? Not a bad idea! But I’m not sure of the results. As forme, I’m not good at cooking. Besides, we have no apples at home.’

’Well, I know how to make it. I’ll cook it and you’ll buy apples and then wash the dishes.’

’All right. It will be nice to have a cup of tea with a piece of home-made pie.’

’I’m with you there, but it’s not the pie that counts. Mum will be proud of our abilities. It’s easy to buy chocolates or flowers. It’s much more difficult to make a pie. I’m sure she’ll be very glad.’

’I completely agree with you! It’ll be the best present for our Mum.’

Task 2

You and your mother are thinking of redecorating your kitchen. Which style is the best for your family? Discuss the following options and choose the one you both like most of all:
• classical          • hi-tech
• avant-garde    • country

’Mum, have you decided what style to choose for our new kitchen?’

’Oh no! It’s too difficult for me to choose? Perhaps, you could help me. What style would you prefer for our kitchen?’

’As for me, I would prefer something new and progressive, for example, the avant-garde style. It’s in fashion now. Just imagine our kitchen in bright colours and with extraordinary furniture. You’ll definitely feel quite a different person in there. What do you think of it?’

’No way! It’s too unusual and it looks unnatural. And think of your grandparents! I’m afraid they will never get used to it. Besides, we usually gather round the kitchen table in the evening and have a nice talk but this style doesn’t suit for family gatherings, does it?’

’In a way, you are right. But what about a hi-tech style? We would have a modem kitchen with all possible electrical appliances. What do you think of buying a microwave oven, a dishwasher and an electric cooker? You’ll have more free time. Besides, it’ll be easy to keep it clean. And such kitchen will look up-to-date. Do you agree with me?’

’It’s not a bad idea. Of course we’ll buy a microwave oven and a dishwasher but I think that redecorating in a hi-tech style will be rather expensive. Besides, it may look like an office. I’d rather have a cosy kitchen that will suit all the family. Why don’t we redecorate it in a classical style? Our father likes this style because it’s very practical. And it won’t be very expensive. Besides, all our friends have kitchens made in a classical style. What’s your opinion?’

’I think it’s boring to have a classical kitchen. We have already had it for five years and I’m sure that all our family members want to change it. In addition, I’d rather have a kitchen that differs from those of our friends.’

’Perhaps, I can agree with you. And what do you think of the country style?’

’The country style? It’s possible. This style is very rare nowadays and our kitchen will look rather unusual. Anyway, it will remind us of our holidays in the village.’

’Oh yes! You’ll feel as if you were in our country house. Besides, it won’t be difficult to match all things.’
’But won’t it be too expensive for us?’

’Not at all! I know a good shop that sells country furniture at very reasonable prices. Our new kitchen will be very cosy. So what shall we choose?’

’I think the country style will be the best for us. 1 ’m sure that all the family will like it.’

’I totally agree with you!’

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