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Английский язык: Экспресс-репетитор для подготовки к ЕГЭ, «Говорение», Урок 3, «Образование, Переговоры, Задание 2».

Task 2

Give a talk on education.
Remember to discuss:
• why it is important to study
• pros and cons of traditional systems of education
• pros and cons of alternative ways of education
• whether you want to continue your education, why.

Education is very important in the modern world, which is full of technological advances. On the one hand, we are sent to school to get useful knowledge about the world. On the other hand, I think it’s not the main aim of our education. At school and later at universities we learn how to learn so that we can make use of this ability in other more practical areas later on in life.

All countries have traditional systems of education, according to which pupils start school at the age of 5 or 6 and study at school for 11 or 12 years. On the one hand, this system of education seems good because pupils are taught by well-qualified teachers and they get the necessary amount of knowledge specified by a national curriculum. In addition, school is a place where children enjoy different cultural activities and show their individual talents. Everyone has an opportunity to join a school club or to take part in sport contests. On the other hand, some pupils may be bullied at school or not fit in with the school environment. School can be a difficult place for these children. They are unhappy and often play truant. Moreover, some people believe that the current system is a failure because it doesn’t teach children how to become good thinkers. School is about passing exams, but education should be about life.

In many countries education is compulsory, but school isn’t. So many parents choose alternative ways of education for their children, for example, home education. On the one hand, children are educated in an atmosphere of love and understanding and the attention they get from their parents and the time they can spend together is very important. Besides, if you are taught at home by your parents, it’s much harder to make an excuse for not doing homework. However, in this case parents should have enough time to teach their children. Moreover, they should be educated and well-rounded people. And I think that children who are educated at home miss their friends as they can see them only in the evening or on Sundays.

Education is very important for me and I would like to continue studying after finishing school. There is no doubt that without good education you won’t be able to find an interesting and highly-paid job because every company needs well-qualified employees. I would like to become a computer programmer, but to make a good specialist in computing you should know a lot of programming languages and application programmes. While studying in a university, I can get necessary knowledge for my future profession. Besides, I can make lots of new friends. University life is usually interesting and exciting. Anyway, I have to get down to some hard work now if I want to achieve my aims.

1. Do you enjoy studying? Why?
2. Would you like to study in a boarding school? Why?
3. What is an ideal school for you?
4. Would you like to be educated at home? Why?
5. What other alternative ways of education do you know?
6. Would you like to get education abroad? Why?

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