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Английский язык: Экспресс-репетитор для подготовки к ЕГЭ, «Говорение», Урок 3, «Образование, Переговоры, Задание 1».

Task 1

Give a talk on your school.
Remember to speak about:
• the school building
• the activities pupils can take part in after classes
• what you like most about your school, why
• what you would like to change in your school, why.

At the moment I am a student of the Lyceum of Information Technologies. It is situated far from the city centre near a large park where students can walk after classes to relax. It’s a new school but it occupies an old four-storey building. The lyceum is well-equipped, though. It has lots of classrooms with modern facilities, several computer classes where we study Information Technology, an assembly hall, a library, a gym and a canteen.

After classes pupils don’t usually go home right away. They have some extra-curricular activities, for example, we have lots of elective courses, which students choose according to their preferences. Besides, our social and cultural life is well-organized, too. We have different clubs such as chess, drama and photography, and pupils take part in their work after classes. There are also regular trips to places like museums and art galleries.

I especially like my school because it gives its pupils profound knowledge in Maths, Physics and other academic subjects which are necessary for entering the university. Besides, pupils are offered a wide choice of elective subjects connected with computers. They study different programming languages and learn how to write programmes. What is more, the teachers there are friendly and well-qualified although they are sometimes very strict. The lyceum is known for its academic excellence and I hope my school education will form a basis for my future occupation.

I enjoy studying in the lyceum, yet there are some things I would like to change. First, our canteen is rather small and there are always large queues during the breaks. I would like to introduce a large coffee bar for students with lots of coffee machines where we could easily have a cup of coffee or tea with a sandwich during all the breaks. Another thing would be a music studio where we could play and record music. We don’t have a uniform in our school because many students are against it. But I think it’s important to have a special uniform in the lyceum because it will make us feel different from the students of other schools.

1. What types of school are there in Russia?
2. Do you like going to school?
3. What are your favorite school subjects? Why?
4. What school subject is the most difficult for you? Why?
5. Do you like the idea of studying at school for 12 years? Why?
6. Will you continue your education after finishing school?

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