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Английский язык: Экспресс-репетитор для подготовки к ЕГЭ, «Говорение», Урок 3, «Образование, Диалоги, Задание 2».

Task 2

Your school will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary and is planning to organize an event. Discuss with your classmate what your S class could do for your parents and other guests. You have to choose one event only:
• arranging an exhibition of handicrafts
• making a wall newspaper
• putting on a play or a show
• holding an auction.

You know that our school will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary, don’t you?’

Of course I know. And we could take part in this great event 1 and organize something for our parents and other guests. For example, we can arrange an exhibition of handicrafts. This won’t need a lot of money, and our parents will be very pleased. What is more, we can invite people from the local TV and become TV stars. Do you like my idea?’

The idea is great, but not many students from our class are fond of handicrafts, so it may take a lot of time to make and then arrange all these things for the exhibition. I also think that our guests might soon feel bored walking from one exhibit to another.’

Let’s make a wall newspaper then. It won’t take a lot of time and we have lots of students in our class who can draw very well. So our newspaper will be very colorful.’

Parents are not likely to be interested in reading our newspaper. They are fed up with reading newspapers at home and they want some entertainment.’

I think we can make our newspaper quite interesting, for example, we could place our photos as kids and arrange a competition: «Who will recognize their kid first?» ’

Don’t forget that our newspaper should be devoted to the 10th anniversary of our school. Anyway, it’s too conventional. I’m sure that other classes will make newspapers, too. So there will be lots of newspapers and that will be very boring. Why not put on a play or a show? We could stage a musical because everybody enjoys this kind of show. We could even ask our parents to participate with us and this will make our show even more exciting!’

On the one hand, you are right. But on the other hand, this will mean a lot of preparation work, including rehearsals. We are too busy now for that. In addition, there are not many people in our class who could become actors and actresses.’

Well, I can agree with you. And what about holding an auction?’

An auction? We’ve never had any auctions at school. I’m not sure that our headmistress will approve of our suggestion. Besides, our guests might not like the idea of spending money.’

First of all, the price can be symbolic, so it won’t be very expensive for our parents. We can sell our old school things, for example, old copybooks with test works or record books, which have become history. And we can use the money to buy some equipment for our school. So I think our headmistress will be very glad.’

Wow! That’s another pair of shoes. Auctions are usually fun, so I think everybody will like it.’

So what shall we choose?’

Let’s hold an auction. I’m sure it would be great!’

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