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Task 1

Give a talk on mobile phones.
Remember to discuss:
• why people choose to use mobile phones
• why some people are against mobile phones
• whether it’s a good idea to bring mobile phones to school, why/ why not
• what other means of communication are popular nowadays, why.

There are lots of different ways of communication nowadays such as letters and telegrams, telephones and the Internet, but perhaps the most popular one is a mobile phone. People choose to use mobile phones for communication because they are very convenient. First of all, they are small enough to fit into our pockets so we can easily take it everywhere and always stay in touch. Besides, they allow us not only to phone, but to send small messages, which is very cheap. What is more, if you have one of the new multimedia mobiles, you can log on to the Net, pay for things, play games, interact with TV programmes and take photos to send to your friends. Very tempting, isn’t it?

However, some people are against mobile phones because they think that radiation from mobiles leads to cancer, which hasn’t been actually proved. Besides, psychologists say we are becoming addicted to mobiles. Surveys show that teenagers are reading less and mobile use is affecting the marks of secondary school students. In addition, a big problem with mobiles is crime because lots of teenagers have become victims of mobile phone theft.

I believe it’s a good idea to have a mobile with you everywhere, even at school, because in case of emergency we can contact our parents to let them know that we are OK or to ask for help. Besides, if we need some information or advice, we can always get in touch with our friends or parents. Moreover, we can use mobile phones as calculators at the lessons. On the other hand, mobile phones can be a distraction in classes, especially if students forget to silence their ringer. In addition, some students can use mobile phones with text messaging capabilities to cheat on tests, which of course is not honest.

There are some other means of communication which are becoming extremely popular nowadays, for example, e-mail or instant messaging, which allow you to keep in touch through the Internet. Instant messaging, or IM, is more immediate than e-mail because you don’t have to check your inbox for new messages as they appear instantly. You type a short note and send it from your computer to another, where it pops up straight away on the screen. Another advantage is that more than two people at a time can join in a conversation. What is more, communication by IM isn’t restricted to text. You can send pictures, and if you have microphones and speakers, you can talk, which is an advantage because internet connection charges are usually cheaper than phone calls. As for me, I use different ways of communication but I prefer a mobile because it’s more convenient.

1. When is it necessary to send a letter?
2. Do you think the regular telephone will disappear in future? Why? / Why not?
3. What are the different ways we can use computers to com¬municate?
4. How do you stay in touch with your friends or relatives who live far from you?
5. Which way of communication do you prefer? Why?

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