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Task 1

You are going to invite friends to a New Year party and you are thinking of the best way to do it. Discuss the following options with your friend and choose the one you both like most of all:
• personally
• mail
• e-mail
• mobile phone.

You know, I’m having a New Year party and I want to invite some friends but I don’t know how. What is the best way to do it?’

Why not invite them personally? I think they will be very glad to see you and you will know the answer immediately. Besides, you’ll be able to learn the latest news, won’t you?’

Yes, I will. But these small talks are not so easy to stop! I’m afraid it’ll take me a lot of time. In addition, some of my friends live very far from my place, so it will be very difficult to meet them. Anyway, we have to invite personally only relatives and close friends, don’t we?’

Yes, we do. And if you want an easier way, you can send them an invitation. It’s a traditional way of inviting guests. I think your friends will be happy to receive a colorful invitation card. Besides, you won’t have to waste a lot of time meeting them.’

But I’ll have to buy a lot of cards! And it’ll take me long to write so many invitations. What is more, I’ll have to go to the post office to send them. And how can I be sure whether they’ll get the invitation on time?’

Why go to the post office? You have e-mail on your computer! Clicking the mouse will be much more convenient than buying a postcard and finding time to make a trip to the post office. In addition, you won’t have to write lots of postcards. You’ll need to write only one postcard and your computer will send it automatically to all your friends. What is more, you can ask your friends to confirm receipt of your postcard, so you’ll know whether they have received it or not.’

That’s great! But there is one problem: not all of my friends have got computers. Moreover, not all people are used to getting invitation cards by e-mail. They may think it’s a joke and won’t believe it. I think it would be better if I use my mobile phone. All my friends have mobile phones and I’ll be sure that they know about my party.’

I can agree with you. But on the other hand, it’ll also take you a lot of time, because you’ll have to speak to them. Besides, their numbers can be busy, so you’ll have to call several times and it’s very tiring. What about sending a message from your mobile phone? Messages are very cheap now, so it won’t cost you a lot.’

Sending a message? How could I forget about it? It’s much easier than calling because I can send one invitation message to all my friends. It’ll take me much less time.’

And you can ask your friends to send you an answer, so you’ll know whether they’ll be able to come.’
Great idea! I think it’s the best way to invite my friends.’
So do I.’

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