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Task 2

You and your friend are discussing which way of communication is the best. Discuss the following options with your friend and choose the one you both like most of all:
• face-to-face communication
• mobile phone
• e-mail
• instant messaging.

Well, today there are lots of different ways of com¬munication. What do you think is the best one?’

You see, it’s very difficult to make a choice because each way has its pros and cons. I know it’s not cool to admit but I’m not a big fan of new technology. Person to person, over a cup of coffee, with no interruptions that’s the best way of commu¬nication for me.’
’Isn’t it rather old-fashioned?’

Perhaps, it is but it allows me a deeper level of communication. If I see my friends, I not only catch with the news, but I also find out how they feel about it. And the fact that it’s face to face means that I can understand in a split second if someone has a problem. You can’t always do that on the phone or with any other method, can you?’

In a way, you are right. But you must admit that today people are very busy and it’s getting more and more difficult to find time for meeting up with your friends. On the contrary, mobile phones allow people to stay in touch all day long. You can’t but agree that it’s the best way to arrange a meeting or to tell our parents that we are going to be late.’

I partly agree with you but it’s rather difficult to understand what people are trying to tell you if you don’t see them. And if you are angry and you pick up the phone, you can say things that you’ll regret. I think it’s better to use e-mail on your computer.’

Why do you think so?’

Well, the great thing about e-mails is that you can choose when or whether to answer them. Also, when you write them, you can think about what you want to say and get your thoughts in order. Besides, you can carry on surfing the Net or doing your homework while you are waiting for a reply.’

Well, you have a point, although I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for a long time until you receive the reply because your friend doesn’t know that you’ve sent your e-mail. In this case instant messaging has certain advantages over e-mail.’

"What are they?’

First of all, instant messaging is more immediate than e-mail as you don’t have to check your inbox for new messages because they appear instantly. Another advantage is that more than two people at a time can join in a conversation, so it’s ideal for, say, making social arrangements among a group of friends.’

Great! We can’t do that with mobile phones. But the trouble with chat rooms or text messages is that you can’t express your thoughts at all. What can you say in a few lines of a text message? Hi, how are you?’

Not exactly! If you have a microphone and speakers, you can talk; and if you and your friend have webcams, you can also make a video call, in which you can see as well as hear each other.’

Oh, it’s just like personal communication. I think it can be especially useful when you want to communicate with friends or relatives who live far from you.’

I absolutely agree with you! What’s more, these calls won’t be as expensive as phone calls because Internet connection charges are usually cheaper. So what shall we decide?’

On second thoughts, I think we should choose instant messaging as the best way of communication. I must admit that modern technology offers people great opportunities for communication.’

I’m with you there.’

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