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Английский язык: Экспресс-репетитор для подготовки к ЕГЭ, «Говорение» При ответе на второе задание учащийся должен суметь начать, поддержать и закончить беседу, предложить варианты к обсуждению, выразить свою аргументированную точку зрения и отношение к обсуждаемому вопросу, принять совместное решение, а также продемонстрировать владение грамматическими структурами и хорошим словарным запасом в соответствии с поставленной задачей.

Task 2

Give a talk about the city/town/village you live in. Remember to speak about: • its geographical position • what makes your city/town/village distinctive, why • the things that you like most about the place you live in, why • the things that you dislike about this place, why

I live in a small historic town called Suzdal. It is situated on the Kamenka River in Vladimir region not far from Moscow and the journey by bus to the capital usually takes about 3 hours. It is one of the major towns of the «Golden Ring of Russia» and is famous all over the world for its ancient Russian architecture.

Upon your arrival in Suzdal you will find yourself in a fairytale world. The town has a kremlin, a convent, two monasteries, dozens of churches decorated with fanciful carvings and a nearly 200-year-old shopping arcade with traditional iron signs outside the shops. Suzdal’s contribution to the development of Russian culture is outstanding. No other city excels it in the number of ancient monuments of architecture. I’m sure you will never forget a charming peal of Suzdal bells.

I especially enjoy this town for its quiet dignity. There are no high buildings here. The town is like an extended village of wooden houses, with lace curtains and geraniums in the windows. It looks gorgeous whatever the season, but especially in winter, blanketed with snow. The air here is fresh and clean and there are no noisy crowds or traffic jams like in big cities. What is more, the people here are very friendly and you never feel lonely.

Yet young people tend to leave Suzdal because there are few possibilities for education and it's difficult to find a well-paid job here. If only Suzdal could become a popular tourist destination, then it would really prosper and flourish. But today there are very few foreign visitors here because they are scared off by the lack of comfortable hotels, coaches, good roads with road signs and well-trained guides. Besides, some of the architectural monuments have become ruined by time and really have to be renovated. But local authorities usually lack funds and it restricts the possibilities for developing tourism in Suzdal. Nevertheless, I believe that in a few years things will change and my home town will become a real jewel of ancient Russian architecture.

Questions 1. Are you proud of your home town? 2. What ancient Russian cities and towns do you know? 3. What are the main problems of ancient cities and towns in Russia? 4. What are the advantages of living in the city? 5. Where would you rather live: in the city/town or in the village?

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