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Task 1

You and your friend are discussing where both of you would like to live in the future. There are several options but you may choose only one of them: • in a city • in the countryside • in the mountains • at the seaside

’If you had an opportunity to choose, where would you live?’

’If I could choose, I would prefer to live in a big-city like London. It’s a wonderful city with lots of museums to visit and sights to enjoy. I’ll be able to walk in beautiful parks and spend my free time in a pub.’

’I don’t think it’s a good idea to live in a big city. Well, it’s great to come to London as a tourist but if you live there all the time, I’m sure you will be fed up with all these sights and museums. Just think about noise, pollution and traffic jams during rush hours. Besides, accommodation in big cities is rather expensive because there aren’t enough houses for everybody.’

’As for me, I don’t mind noise and pollution. But if I live in a city, I’ll be able to find an interesting job and earn a lot of money.’

’I can’t agree with you. It’s difficult to find a job in a big city. You might not be able to find a job in the area that you enjoy and you’ll have problems with getting to work. As for me, I would prefer to work for myself and live somewhere in the countryside.’ ’Why?’

’First of all, the air in the countryside is fresh and there is no pollution. I ’11 be able to grow fruit and vegetables for my family and we will enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Besides, I’ll live in my own house with lots of rooms. I think it’s better than living in a small stuffy flat in the city.’

’I would agree with you but, in my opinion, there is nothing to do in the countryside. You’ll soon get bored with such a lifestyle. In addition, I think it’s very hard to grow fruit and vegetables. You’ll have to work hard all day long. And in case of bad weather, you can lose all your crops. Farming is definitely not my cup of tea.’

’OK. What about living in the mountains? The air and water in the mountains are exceptionally clean and we would be able to enjoy magnificent mountain views.’

’But what shall we do for a living? I think it’s impossible to find any work in the mountains.’

’Not exactly. We could work as tourist guides in summer and in winter we could teach tourists downhill skiing. Our life will be easy and exciting!’

’On the contrary, it will be rather boring: only work and absolutely no entertainment. There are no cinemas and theatres in the mountains. Besides, it’s always cold there and life can be really dangerous because of severe weather conditions. Let’s live in a small town at the seaside. The climate is warm and nice there. We could open a small hotel near the sea and have lots of tourists. It’s not hard to run a private hotel. Besides, we’ll have an opportunity to communicate with people from all over the world. It’s exciting!’

’Great idea! There is no pollution at the seaside and we can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We could go to the beach early in the morning or late in the evening and swim in the sea. And we could eat lots of fruit and vegetables.’

’And if we get bored with the sea and the sun we could go to the cinema or to a disco with our friends. So, what place do you think we should choose?’

’If you agree, we’ll choose to live at the seaside.’

‘I completely agree with you.’

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