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Английский язык: Экспресс-репетитор для подготовки к ЕГЭ, «Говорение».
Урок 4: «Англоговорящие страны. Переговоры. Задание 2».

Task 2

Give a talk on the USA.
Remember to discuss:
• what you imagine when you think of the USA
• whether Americans differ much from Russian people, why
• why people travel to the USA
• what cities in America you would like to visit and why

When I think of the USA, I imagine a great country with a vast territory and different types of climate. While people in Florida bathe in the sea and laze in the sun, the inhabitants of Alaska have a cold arctic day with white nights. Another image that comes to my mind is a Statue of Liberty, which is situated in New York and is well-known all over the world. It has become a symbol of the city (if not of the whole country) and an expression of freedom to people all over the world. I also remember the sad day of September 11, 2001 and the collapse of two twin towers of the World Trade Centre during the terrorist attack and feel sorry for Americans.

I don’t think that Americans differ much from Russians but they do have some peculiar features. First of all, Americans value their sense of individual freedom but they realize, however, that individuals must rely on themselves. Otherwise they risk losing their freedom so self-reliance is their national trait. Secondly, Americans are optimistic and persistent. They are sure that every problem has a solution: a difficult problem can be solved at once; an impossible one may take a little longer. If at first you don’t succeed, ’try, try again’ is their favorite saying. Finally, unlike Russians, Americans are always on the move. Moving about from place to place is such a common practice that most Americans take it for granted that they may live in four or five cities during their lifetime.

People travel to the USA for different reasons. Most of them want to see its famous cities such as Washington D. C., New York or Los Angeles and to get to know the American lifestyle. Others want to learn American English, which in some ways differs from British English. Finally, some people go to the USA to continue their education in such world-famous universities as Harvard and Yale Universities. This gives them an opportunity to find a more prestigious job afterwards.

As for me, I have always dreamed of visiting the USA. If I had an opportunity, I would, first of all, visit Washington D. C. because it’s the capital and the most important city of the country. I would like to see the White House and the Capitol as well as to visit the numerous museums of the city. But my dream is to visit San Francisco, which is the most interesting city in the United States. The greatest attraction of San Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge, which has become the symbol of the city. San Francisco is called the city of hills because it has 40 hills. It is famous for its picturesque cable cars, which climb these hills, and for its bright houses that cling to the hills along steep and narrow streets. I would also be happy if I had a chance to visit Golden Gate Park, one of the largest man-made parks in the world, or go to Shakespeare Garden where one can find every flower and plant ever mentioned by the bard.

1. Can you compare the geographical positions of Russia and the USA?
2. What are the national symbols of the USA?
3. Why is the USA sometimes called a ’melting pot’? Do you agree with it? Why?
4. Would you like to get higher education in the USA? Why?
5. Would you like to live in the USA? Why?
6. Would you like to have a pen-friend from the USA? Why?

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