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» » The Maldives. Tourist paradise (Мальдивы. Туристический рай)

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The Maldives. Tourist paradise (Мальдивы. Туристический рай)

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The Maldives. Tourist paradise

The Maldives is a unique place, is able to charm his splendours and unspoilt beauty of primeval nature. Who has been here once, will carry through the entire life of exotic dive and a quiet relaxing holidays.

Touristic tripthe Maldives will give you a unique opportunity to visit a real fairy tale, plenty to enjoy the magnificent resorts, which are unique in the world surrounded by pristine golden sands, where there is no place to the noise of cities and satiety european civilization.

By selecting one of the many proposals of tour operators, the prices of which can be considered quite acceptable for the European traveler, you have to head immerse yourself in the quiet rest in conjunction with the colorful excursion program, thanks to which the sea of impressions and delight is guaranteed to you!

Most tours to the Maldives include a visit to the Male’, where in all the glory will appear before the eyes of the astonished audience old mosque, the Islamic center, the national museum and presidential palace. Those people, who go to the Maldives for the thrill of it, receive a lot of adrenaline from snorkeling and diving. Naturally, will not remain without attention and the opportunity to participate in water safari, as well as work out in the wind-surfing and hone their skills of floating on the canoe.

During the tour you will also have to herself to feel all the charm of a relaxing treatment in the spa-centers, which are virtually in every hotel. What can be more profitable than the pleasure of an unforgettable holiday in conjunction with the wellness?

Wedding tours to the Maldives today are very popular. Wedding is the most important step for young people. It is in this remarkable day they bring each other oath, which binds them together in an unbreakable bond. Naturally, the newlyweds want this fantastic day remains their most vivid memory for all subsequent years. The wedding ceremony, conducted by local custom, will produce an unforgettable impression. At the same time as a wedding gift брачующимся are discounts for accommodation and use of the spa-procedures.

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