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» » Repair of apartments. Modern trends (Ремонт квартиры. Современные тенденции)

Ознакомительные тексты


Repair of apartments. Modern trends (Ремонт квартиры. Современные тенденции)

Ознакомительные тексты по различным аспектам современной жизни: Страны, Города, Общество, Политическая система, Высшее образование, Календарь праздников.

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Repair of apartments. Modern trends

Any repair of apartments begins with the design plan. Modern trends in the field of design can be characterized in one word-postmodernism, when a mix of different styles and gives its own, unique style. Nevertheless, there remains a general direction, in the direction which tends designer.

Let us consider the main of them. Minimalism is very important and keeps its leadership position for a long time. Empiricism and «bionic» style adjacent to it, and this situation is typical not only for Russia, but for the whole world. The main idea — to merge together the house and landscape.

Hi-tech is its opposite. It requires a more complex decorative forms, parts, use of metal (including precious) in finishing or skins of exotic animals. As a result of style began to merge with the baroque and now is the opposite of minimalism. Intelligent house, too, has already become a new direction in design, but it is unavailable to the majority. As in the fashion of «ecological» natural interior. «Shabby» style as relevant, especially in the West. And, of course, are always fashionable classics.

So, prior to the actual repair of an apartment, you have to determine the style, design of new premises. After the design choice is to identify their opportunities and their compliance with the plan. Modern construction materials allow almost all, but are quite expensive. So, in a fashion returned technology, using natural materials, a new level of processing allows to increase the operation term. Even plastic windows are either wooden or «under the tree» with the help of laminating films. Under such materials will be good ecological style. It is well combined technology of «warm floor», which allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house almost always.

As for the different mortars, here the market has almost limitless possibilities. Supplements plastics in traditional mineral mixtures given the opportunity to obtain quick-drying self-levelling compounds, actively used today in almost any repair. Primer, putty and paint are matched to each other, providing maximum grip and maximum similar stability. Such rough coating will last for many years and will enable a wide range modify the finishing coating.

Among the decorative-finishing materials began to dominate the colour and luminous supplements to the plastering and paint, you get the amazing colors of the house. Use this mainly for finishing cottages. The cottage provides a possibility of using more and landscape design that is also at the height of fashion.

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