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ALPHA ESD workstations

Alpha series workbenches are space-saving technical and ESD workstations. These workbenches perfectly fit for many production premises or for educational rooms. This type of workbench does not take up much space, which make it possible to efficiency use the production area.

The Alpha series is divided on three types: a standard Alpha workbench, ALF-T Alpha T-shaped workbench and Alpha Universal workbench. All these versions are well suited for many types of work.

There are two configurations of standard Alpha workbench – with single panel and with double one. The workbench with single panel is recommended for office workers and engineers, also used for training and educational premises. We also offer some extra equipment. For example, a double main shelf, monitor holder or a spacious cabinet on the side, where you can keep documents and personal belongings; dimensions of cabinet you can choose when ordering a workbench. There are also additional drawer units for tools and instruments. We suggest you to add a LED-lighting for more preferred light in the workplace. All catalog of additions you can browse on https://viking-esd.com/production/workbenches_series

ALF-T Alpha workbench is simple T-shaped workbench without the possibility of improvement. However, it has more durable tabletop, which deeper than standard by 100 mm and its load capacity is 300 kg.

Alpha Universal workbench is simplified Alpha series workbench without upper modules. This version allows some extensions. Such as complementary drawer units and box with plastic fibers and a power panel. Additional drawer units are needed to store tools and equipped with a central lock. The box’s lid is covered with plastic fibers to protect power panel from dust and cuttings. It can be used for extension of the worktop for 180 mm. Power panel consists of 8 sockets in an aluminum case with protective contact and 3 m cable. Nominal load capacity: 10 A. Available in technical and ESD versions.

You also can choose width of workbench (1200, 1500 and 1800 mm), color and size of drawer units or size of the double shelf when ordering one. On our website, there is also a choice between technical and ESD version of workbenches. We propose you to watch related products, such as VKG C-300 ESD Chair and ALPHA stationary cabinet.

You can find any additional information on ESD working environment and order the workbench on our website https://viking-esd.com and watch our video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xF5FiP9YTs .

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